Futsal is typically played indoors and a great soccer option for the winter months.  Five players on the court at a time (4 and a goalie) with subs needed for the fast paced nature of the game delivering two 20 minute halves and 3 minute half time. Futsal is played on a small field (basketball court) with lines (not walls) creating constant pressured situations- 1) From other players 2) From out-of-play boundaries. Players must learn to settle the ball rapidly, cut sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly, and move into space, and all done with a weighted futsal ball with less bounce and less players on the field, promoting mastery of the foot skills and proper body mechanics that will naturally carry over into the outdoor game. 


No practices, this is once a week, Saturdays and Sundays. It's a great place for kids to play indoors and ideal for footwork and close quarter combat skill development- NO WALLS

This is a Developmental Futsal League - to develop players, they must play - 7 to a team for the best value and proper development opportunities - no more than 9 players per team.

The Free Agent Player Pool is wildly popular and best to register early to guarantee a spot, the player pool will cap at 50 players.

Teams large enough are encouraged to split into two teams of 7 to help maintain good play time and proper skill development for all involved. 

Teams will also often reach out to their fall opponents or players close to their age group to fill out their rosters with interested soccer minded players.  

Teams provide players a chance to stay together after Fall League, and 7 players are encouraged to form a team, 9 can prove to be too many as play time is reduced greatly with 4 on the field and one GK, subs on the fly.