Our Competitive Soccer Program is associated through NorCal Premier LeagueThe Comp Soccer program provides our youths the opportunity to play in a player development-based environment with other kids who love soccer. The program provides high-level coaching and training, a longer season with opportunities to play tournaments and spring league. Coaches will work directly with families to determine the extent of training and tournament participation, and whether to play in a Spring league on a team-by-team basis. 

New for 2024, SGSC will offer Rec Select associated through CalNorth. This is a "higher than rec, lower than comp" offering. Team fees and some light travel may apply similar to the rec program. Scheduling is done through District 6 as part of CalNorth. Rec Select Coaches and Players will register using the REC REGISTRATION LINKS.

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All SGSC coaches in the Comp or Rec Select Programs are committed to the club mission and its focus on fun, sportsmanship, and player development. We are still developing as a club and are striving to host Comp/Select teams for all age groups for Girls and Boys. All kids will be given an equal and fair opportunity to make a team. After teams are formed, Coaches will meet with families to determine when training starts, which tournaments to attend, and other team-specific activities. We encourage all families to be involved - there are opportunities to help with organization, equipment, logistics (carpooling), fundraising, and more.

Comp Registration fees ($175) cover the cost of the NorCal Premier Fall league. Players will have other expenses including uniform kit (around $120), tournament fees and potential travel if the team decides to have an overnight experience. Please expect the uniform kits and tournament fees to be approximately $200-$300 for the season. Some teams may also engage a professional trainer at their discretion as a team cost. 

Rec Select Registration fees ($155) cover the cost of the CalNorth league. An additional fee of around $50 per team may apply for play in the Select league. Uniforms are the same as Rec costing around $45 (or reuse your Rec uniform!)

Season details:  

Comp/Rec Select Teams:

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Can my child tryout for a team beyond their standard age group?

Yes! Players are selected based on skill level but a player cannot play down into an age group lower than their age.

How is competitive soccer different from recreation soccer? 

Teams are formed through a tryout process that takes place in May or June for the upcoming Fall Season. This gives team an opportunity to practice and play in summer tournaments prior to the season starting. Teams generally participate at least two tournaments in the Sacramento area. The extent of tournament play is at the discretion of the coach with input from participating families. The season games are from August through November just like recreation soccer. 

How are coaches selected? 

Our objective is to place the best head coaches possible for all competitive soccer teams in order to meet and maximize the development and enjoyment of soccer for the players. 

How much does the season cost? 

Registration costs plus other expenses deemed appropriate by the coach such as tournaments or a professional trainer. Costs vary by team and division of play. Some teams offer fundraising options to offset personal costs. Depending on how much fundraising your team does, and how many tournaments your coach wants to play in, your cost could be anywhere in the range of $0-$300+ per player. Please speak to the coach of your child's team for more information. We welcome your questions and are available to help you.

How many games do comp teams play? 

There are typically 10 fall league games, just like recreation soccer. Additional seasons of play such as spring league are also available. Tournament options are available year around. Tournaments are typically three games guaranteed with potential for a fourth if advancing. On average most competitive teams play 20-30 games per season. 

When are practices? 

Most competitive teams practice 2-3 times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours. When rec season begins, practices are typically limited to twice per week due to field availability. Practice days/times are decided with each coach.  

How far does the team travel? 

League games are mostly in the Sacramento area, but may be as far away as Galt, Lodi, Elk Grove, Dixon, or Yuba City. There are many tournaments in the Sacramento Metropolitan area, but some coaches have opted to play in Tahoe, Santa Cruz or other fun venues. 

Can parents help?  

Parent participation is highly encouraged and welcomed on any team within the competitive program. Speak to the coach once the team gets started to see where help is needed. Typical team support positions are Assistant Coaches, Transportation Coordinator, Video Camera person, etc.