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Our Recreation Soccer Program is associated through Cal North.  Objectives at this level of play focus on building soccer skills, learning what it takes to be a team player, getting some exercise, and having FUN while doing it.  Watch your player learn about the game of soccer while developing their skills with a  smile on their face!

Program Costs

Season details:  

NOTE- All U12 and U14 teams participate in the Mini-CPL playing league with teams from other clubs/leagues. This allows the teams to be seeded and placed in appropriate level of competition, however, it does also mean that U12 and U14 teams will have 1/2 of their games at locations outside of Placerville, as far as into Folsom, Orangevale and Sacramento. Locations cannot be determined until after the pre-season seeding jamboree.  

What age group will my child play in?

Registration will assign the appropriate age group  based on your child's date of birth. Age groups are determined by the age of the player on December 31st of the playing year. For example, if your child is 9 right now, but will turn 10 in November, they will play in U12 (under 12).

2024 Age Groups

Birth Year                 Age Group

2020                          U5

2019                          U6

2017 - 2018              U8

2015 - 2016              U10

2013 - 2014              U12

2011 -2012               U14

2009 - 2010              U16

2006 - 2008              U19

Uniform Ordering

Standard Rec Uniforms will consist of separate  home/blue & visitor/yellow jerseys, black shorts and black socks. Uniforms can be reused from year to year. 

To order a uniform, please visit: 


I read the Age-Group chart and my child qualifies for U-8 but only barely - by three days. Can my child play U-6 to stay with their friends? 

Sorry to say, but the answer is "no". California Youth Soccer Association rules are quite specific, and we do follow them to the letter. However, an exception can be made in special cases due to medical reasons for U6-U10 (in-house play). A note from your child's doctor is required - to be submitted to the SGS Board of Directors for consideration. 

Can my child play in a higher level age group? 

A Recreation player may only play up an age group with the approval of the Club President and both affected Age Group Coordinators. The player should not play up if the player’s safety is in question or if this will potentially prevent another player from playing in the higher age group due to near full teams.  A player must have played 1 year in the actual age group (and the birth date is within a few months of the cutoff).  Players in any division may not play up more than one age group, where the age groups are U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19.

This rule does not apply to Competitive team players because those players go through a tryout process, however, should be within reason of the age group being formed.  

When do recreation team practices start? 

Practices typically start in early August, once teams are formed and coaches have rosters. 

When will the team practice be - and how many days per week? 

It is completely up to the team's Coach to determine when/where & frequency of practices. 

When will the games be played? 

Saturday's, for 9-10 weeks.  

We have a "hand-me-down" uniform from older siblings.  Is it okay to use? 

New for the 2021 season Sierra Gold introduced new uniforms. That uniform can be used in following years including "handing-down" to others.